Belvedere di Canazei

Canazei-Belvedere is a popular ski resort in South Tyrol, Italy, famous for its excellent ski runs. The slopes in Canazei-Belvedere are very diverse and offer many opportunities for both beginners and advanced skiers.


Discover the great loop

Sellaronda is one of the most beautiful ski runs in Europe, which runs through 4 valleys and connects five ski resorts in South Tyrol, Italy. This route is over 40 km long and offers many opportunities to show off your skiing skills.

dziecko na nartach zjazdowych

Canazei by night

Canazei by night

Canazei offers many different places where you can spend a pleasant evening. From clubs to restaurants to bars and wine bars, Canazei is packed with activities for nightlife lovers.

Canazei nocą
impreza w klubie

Party on the slopes

Dance outdoors

Canazei organizes evening dancing parties on the slopes, which are very popular with tourists and locals alike. The events usually take place on weekends and offer many different activities.

impreza na stoku
impreza na stoku

Sleigh rides

Sleigh tours

Sleigh rides are a popular attraction in Canazei, especially during the winter, when there is a beautiful winter scenery around. Sleigh rides are traditional horse-drawn sleigh trips that allow tourists to admire the beauty of the area and spend time outdoors.

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Cross country skiing

The best running routes

Canazei offers many opportunities for cross-country skiing. There are various routes in the area of varying difficulty, which allows you to find the right route for every cross-country skier, regardless of the level of advancement.

narciarka biegowa
narciarze biegowi


Dolomites on a scooter

Riding a scooter in the Dolomites is a popular tourist attraction that offers many experiences and unforgettable moments. Snowmobiles are available for rent in many places in the Dolomites, including Canazei.

skutery śnieżne
skuter śnieżny

Hiking routes

Not only for skiers

The Dolomites are a paradise for hikers. There are many beautiful hiking trails in the Canazei area, with varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to find the right route for everyone.

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