Sleigh rides

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Sleigh rides

Sleigh rides are a popular attraction in Canazei, especially during the winter, when there is a beautiful winter scenery around. Sleigh rides are traditional horse-drawn sleigh trips that allow tourists to admire the beauty of the area and spend time outdoors.

In Canazei, sleigh rides are organized both during the day and in the evening, which allows you to choose the best time for yourself. Sleigh rides are usually held in groups, which adds extra fun and atmosphere to the event.

On a sleigh ride in Canazei, you can admire the beautiful scenery of the Dolomites, and enjoy traditional food and drinks, which are served in special huts or inns. Often bonfires are also organized, where you can warm up and spend time with other participants of the sleigh ride.

Sleigh rides in Canazei are a great attraction for families with children, couples or groups of friends!

To sum up, a sleigh ride in Canazei is a great attraction that offers many different experiences and fun. They allow you to admire the beauty of the area, enjoy traditional dishes and drinks and spend time with other participants of the sleigh ride.

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