impreza na stoku

Party on the slopes

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impreza na stoku

Party on the slopes

Canazei organizes evening dancing parties on the slopes, which are very popular with tourists and locals alike. The events usually take place on weekends and offer many different activities.

During the dance parties on the slopes in Canazei, you can enjoy live music or music played by DJs, and dance in the open air. Events take place in specially prepared zones, which are illuminated and equipped with a sound system.

Dance parties on the slopes of Canazei are organized in various locations, such as the Belvedere ski station, the Ciampac ski station and the Alba ski station. Each of the events has its own atmosphere and style, which makes them very diverse and interesting.

All in all, dancing parties on the slopes in Canazei are a great opportunity to have fun and relax outdoors. They offer many different activities such as live music, DJs, snacks and drinks, as well as beautiful views of the mountains.

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