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Canazei-Belvedere is a popular ski resort in South Tyrol, Italy, famous for its excellent ski runs. The slopes in Canazei-Belvedere are very diverse and offer many opportunities for both beginners and advanced skiers.

The resort has over 60 km of ski runs that lead through picturesque mountain landscapes. The biggest attraction of Canazei-Belvedere is the Sella Ronda route, which runs through 4 valleys and is one of the most beautiful ski slopes in Europe. This route is over 40 km long and connects five ski resorts, allowing skiers to pass around the Sella massif.

For beginners, we recommend the slopes around the Belvedere resort, where there are many easy and friendly routes for beginners. There are also ski schools in the resort, where you can take ski lessons.

For more experienced skiers, we recommend the routes around Mount Pordoi, where there are more difficult routes. These slopes are perfectly prepared and offer many opportunities to show off your skiing skills.

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