wędrówka w górach zimą

Hiking routes

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wędrówka w górach zimą

Hiking routes

The Dolomites are a paradise for hikers. There are many beautiful hiking trails in the Canazei area, with varying degrees of difficulty, allowing you to find the right route for everyone.

One of the popular hiking routes around Canazei is the Sentiero Viel del Pan trail. This route takes you through the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites and offers wonderful views of the Marmolada massif. This trail is relatively easy and is about 10 km long.

Another popular hiking route in the Canazei area is the Sentiero Friedrich August trail. This route leads through picturesque valleys and offers beautiful views of the mountains. This trail is easy and is about 6 km long.

There are also many other beautiful hiking trails in the Canazei area of varying difficulty. These routes offer great views of the mountains and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Dolomites.

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